Foundation for Freedom and Science

Freedom and science are compromised, so feel free to join now, whoever you are.


What We Stand For

Science is our most successful tool for understanding our cosmos and ourselves. Using the scientific method, critical thinking and evidence we went from tribal squabbles to exploring deep questions and often getting profound answers. Freedom is the basic human right to do as one wants, unless it trespasses on others equal rights to be free.

Where to Find Us

The majority of the Foundation's activities take place on our MeWe group which is our primary platform for debate, discussion, and spreading enlightenment.

But that's not all, we also have a:

Or if you'd prefer you can contact us via e-mail at the following address:

How to Help

As our goal is to spread knowledge using the tools of logic and reason, the best way to help is to dive in and get involved in one of our many communities!

We also accept monetary contributions via the services listed below, the proceeds of which will go towards expanding the reach of the Foundation!